Pengembangan Objek Wisata Syariah Desa Bubohu Gorontalo

Pendekatan SWOT dan ANP

  • Tri Budi Astuti Pasca Sarjana Keuangan Syariah, STIE Ahmad Dahlan, Jakarta
Keywords: Accountability, Village Financial Management, Constraints


The purpose of this study is to examine more deeply the appropriate strategy in the development of sharia attractions in the Bongo-Gorontalo Religious Tourism Village using the SWOT and ANP methods as analysis tools. The results showed that the SWOT analysis is a fairly good environmental condition and geographical location (strength), low community support (weakness), exploring Gorontalo Province tourism (opportunities) and tourism, attracting visitors from various regions to create local crime (threats). Alternative strategic namely increasing access and facilities, collaborating with communities, creating jobs, maintaining environmental sustainability and determining vision and mission. The priority strategy based on the results of ANP data obtained by the highest priority strategy is cooperation with the community. The obstacle of this research is to add an assessment of tourist destination readiness seen from several main aspects of tourism, namely from the product.

Keywords: Accountability, Village Financial Management, Constraints